That was 2021 that was

It’s with a considerable smattering of disbelief that we find ourselves in December 2021 already. Time really does fly when you’re having fun.


For many of the same reasons, we knew this year would be as challenging as 2020, but we didn’t predict what a rollercoaster it would turn out to be. Like all good rollercoaster rides, there were loads of highs and a few dips, but we have reached the end, thrilled to our bones that we made it out alive and now want to do it all over again!


You’ll see from our sample video that we’ve been busy, busy with a tasty selection of commissions. On location, we’ve been photographing and videoing some of the best commercial buildings Scotland has to offer, as well as some beautiful landscape architecture. We’ve even been out on the high seas to film a stunning new charity-managed sailing yacht. We’ve been photographing people at home, leisure and work, as well as business execs, company owners, and the odd Royal. We’re delighted that education and some cultural events have returned, and we’ve been there to capture all the fun and creativity. We’ve been brushing up on our post-production skills, learning new software and processes in the studio, and applying these to our photography and video. It’s been an enriching challenge. 


Once again, our clients, subcontractors, families and friends have been there every step of the way with us, and we can’t thank you all enough for your custom, sterling work and support. We wish you all “A Very Happy Christmas” and extend an invitation to join us on what is likely to be another thrilling ride in 2022!


Alan, Lesley & Ida