Product shoot

Product shoot

About the project

For the launch of a special limited edition of their signature scent, After the Rain, clients Arran asked us to create a suite of photography to use across their marketing channels, including their social media platforms. The product presents in three different bottles consisting of a specially numbered and signed Eau de Parfum, a travel variation, and an Eau de toilette, displayed in a keepsake box along with its certificate of authentication.


We were invited to create imagery for the product pages of the website and their social media teaser and active campaigns.


Arran had a photography plan showing a broad outline of requirements. We worked together to refine a shoot list of images that would accompany their marketing messages and discussed styling ideas around the brand essence and the existing After the Rain brand images. We sought out appropriate props, backdrops and other goodies that make for a well-styled image. All we needed was the sun to shine, after the rain of course!


We used both the studio and the garden for shoot locations creating a late-afternoon sun look in one and using the real sun as our primary lighting source in the other. We created still-life scenes and situational scenarios in which the product took pride of place, keeping in mind the brand ethos at all times. We focused in on unique details such as Arran’s founder’s signature on the Eau de Parfum bottle, their product statement and the precious gold foil on the presentation packaging to give a sense of anticipation and luxury.


For any shoot we do, we work to ensure most of the magic happens in-camera, but we always review and correct during the post-production process. In this instance, we took out slight imperfections that are ever-present in product photography and ensured the lighting and colour was consistent throughout the collection of images.

After the Rain bottles in the garden | By McAteer Photo

What we did

Product photography
Studio photography
Social media photography
Product styling
Art direction
Advanced post production