About the project

Today’s commercial property market is bustling. McAteer Photo produces top-quality architectural photography stills for this market and is increasingly commissioned to create companion videos for letting, sales and investment marketing campaigns. While good architectural photography is a must for websites, print and digital brochures, an engaging video can be the ideal complement, showcasing aspects of the property and its location quickly and providing valuable and detailed information in a popular format.


Video is an effective marketing medium, particularly as smartphone and tablet usage is becoming better connected and reliable. Buyers and investors are increasingly dependant on video content when making their investment decisions, and agents are enjoying a medium that arguably reaches a broader audience and helps sell (or let) a property quicker.


There are many different approaches we can take when creating a short film for your property or location. Walkthrough property tours are a great way to showcase existing buildings and spaces. They most often feature the interior and exterior spaces, notable aspects of the building’s design and highlight the location and nearby amenities. Showing perspective and scale with drone footage can be beneficial when marketing land or industrial areas. Timelapse can give an idea of how space has developed over time or even how a building appears at different times of the day as well as showing potential footfall or the way people use specific areas. In the case of investment deals, we can feature existing tenants and their testimonials. We can also incorporate motion graphics, digital renders, graphic overlays, title panels, layouts and maps in line with your brand guidelines or working alongside your graphic designers to incorporate their artwork. Voiceovers, music, interviews, and subtitles are all popular elements we can utilise to tell your story.


Take a look at some of our work and you’ll see examples of all of these features then get in touch for a chat if you would like us to help you develop a script and create your property video. Alan can be contacted at alan@mcateerphoto.com or call on 07713 166398.

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What we did

timelapse creation
walkthrough video
highlighting local amenities
motion graphics
incorporating digital renders
title panel design
incorporating maps
worked with client's brand guidelines
working alongside client's graphic designers
voiceover facilitation
music sourcing
adding subtitles
drone videography
video post production
risk assessment and permissions
project & budget management