Play it loud

The 73rd year of The Fashion Show at The Glasgow School of Art took place at the beginning of March 2020. This year’s catwalk location for the 2nd and 3rd year Fashion Design and Textile student work was the light-filled Briggait in Glasgow’s Saltmarket district.


Always guaranteed to be a veritable visual feast, The Fashion Show is still a pleasure to photograph. This year, the students developed shape and textile-led collections inspired by the theme of PLAY. Albert Einstein said, “Play is the highest form of research”, and who can argue with that? Play lets us interact, imagine, create, dream, explore, and learn.


GSA suggests that some students played by their own rules, some were playful, whimsical, and experimental, while others simply pressed ‘play’ and went on an unrestricted adventure. You’ll see from the images that’s a pretty accurate description.


It was great to see inefficiencies in fabric use addressed as the students explored zero-waste approaches in garment making.

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