Motion graphics

We take thousands of stills each year for our property clients, but the moving image is a powerful tool in a property agent’s marketing mix. A video can tell a fuller story featuring additional details such as location, its proximity to major roads and local amenities or even the history of a building and it can communicate this information in just a few moments. It needs to be both informative and engaging.

Redwood - Aerial motion graphics | By McAteer Photo

Redwood - road motion graphics | By McAteer Photo

The use of motion graphics allow us to visually guide viewers through a video and are particularly useful if there is no voiceover. It can point out important information using visual cues. Within our recent 2 Redwood Crescent video for client Rosslyn Properties we used a count-up animation to emphasise the space available within the property and to create a motion that draws the eye’s attention. Communicating the information in a simple and straightforward way adds interest to a regular image and can help a video stand out.

Redwood - Motion graphics | By McAteer Photo

A ‘picture says 1000 words’ however, well-considered text is also a visual element that can say more than its immediate meaning. It should be legible, on-brand and clear for viewers to get the most out of the experience. For 2 Redwood Crescent, we created a design in line with the branding of the property, allowing the video to sit comfortably within the client’s portfolio.


Motion graphics can inspire, captivate the viewer and are a powerful sales tool. They add a special something to the social media feed and help communicate information in a concise and engaging way.

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