From the lens to the stamp

It’s not every day your photograph is featured on a Royal Mail stamp, but in today’s post appeared that very thing. The Royal Mail has produced a set of eight special stamps exploring the legacy of Vikings in Britain and marking the 40th anniversary of JORVIK Viking Centre.


The stamps feature composite images showcasing Viking artefacts and sites of archaeological importance left over from the Scandinavian seafarers’ occupancy of large parts of Scotland and England.


In Glasgow’s Govan Old Church, you can see Viking Hogback gravestones: carved monuments that are thought to have marked the graves of those with Scandinavian heritage.  Our image is one of several stones that have lain at Govan Old for over 1000 years and are collectively known as The Govan Stones.  As old as the 9th century, they are a powerful reminder of the Viking warlords that once upon a time ruled the Kingdom of Strathclyde.


You can read more about The Govan Stones at The Govan Heritage Trust website and purchase a commemorative collection of the stamps from The Royal Mail website.

Royal Mail's Viking Britain special edition stamps, by Alan McAteer of McAteer Photo

Royal Mail's Viking Britain special edition stamps