Make your creative idea a reality

Location production

Location production

Do you ever think that work projects are just too complicated to attempt?  I know I have: in a previous life I was a producer of large scale outdoor events and the thought of entertaining 100,000 people over the course of a wet weekend while broadcasting live to the nation was pretty daunting.  Yet that taught me to break things down into bite-size chunks, get the right team involved, focus and keep an eye firmly on the end goal.


The idea is the beginning, trust its magic

Clients come to us and say they would like to do a bigger shoot or a different type of shoot than they would normally attempt but don’t know where to start, how much to budget or what would be involved. Yet, they have an idea and it begins with just that – they’ve made good start already and it’s something we can work with, no matter the size or complexity of the shoot.


How do we work?

At McAteer Photograph we have an ‘all things are possible’ approach. If you have a product that you want to photograph in the Scottish wilderness with a herd of goats wearing Trilby hats, or if you need to cast and style a multi-model shoot in an abandoned building, we can make it happen. We take your idea, marry it with your messaging and work with you to help shape a brief into a tangible concept.  We also have clients who know exactly what they want to achieve in terms of final imagery and that’s great too.  We help both types of clients realise great collections of useful images that bring to life that initial idea.


You’ve already made the hardest step

It can all seem pretty daunting and expensive at the outset – but it doesn’t have to be.  Your project may just need one model in one outfit for a morning shoot with one photographer.  We can help you with that. Or your project may need 20 models, a truck load of products, on-site catering, a full production team and overnight accommodation.  We can organise that too.


The point is, I know it’s daunting but that shouldn’t stop you doing it.  We’re here to help make the complicated simple – just call me to chat over your idea.  It’s a start.

Now – where did I put that box of Trilby hats?..


My top three tips for making your idea a reality:

  • 1. Get organised
  • 2. Be realistic
  • 3. Set goals and deadlines


McAteer Photograph production services include:

•       working with you to shape a brief and cost it up,
•       sourcing locations, seek usage permissions and risk assessing,
•       gathering expert associates who can help deliver your vision: photographers, art directors, prop and apparel stylists, makeup and hair artists and production & crew,
•       creating timed shoot lists and project & production schedules,
•       sourcing models from agencies or street casts and effecting the necessary releases,
•       organising the required production, logistics and insurance,
facilitating all post production and delivering images to your specification.

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