Low Pay? Don’t Pay!

Alan loves photographing theatre events so he was thrilled when invited to take some images of Glasgow Life’s new stage production of Dario Fo’s 70s farce revival Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay! adapted by comedy genius Johnny McKnight for the Scottish stage and retitled Low Pay? Don’t Pay!


In this version the classic satire sees a group of Glasgow women lose patience with low pay and rising bills which leave hard-working families struggling in today’s Scotland and decide to take things into their own hands.

Event publicity shot | By McAteer Photo

Event publicity shot

Poster in Glasgow | Low Pay? Don't Pay! | Play | By McAteer Photo

Event poster

Alan photographed two of the leading actors Julie Wilson Nimmo and Sally Reid of Scot Squad for the production’s publicity shots and then again at the play rehearsals before its premier at Tron Theatre on 2nd May.

Two women in a living room | Low Pay? Don't Pay! | By McAteer Photo

Tow women with yellow rubber gloves | Person lyingdown | Low Pay? Don't Pay! | Play | By McAteer Photo

Woman with scarf in cupboard inside a Caskets with man lying on the ground | Low Pay? Don't Pay! | Play | By McAteer Photo

According to Alan it’s very funny and indeed it’s received some great four star reviews like this one in The Herald and The Stage. Although finished its run at The Tron, you can catch it on its theatre and community tour until early June. More info can be found on the Glasgow Life website.

Low Pay? Don't Pay! | Play | By McAteer Photo

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