Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us…

Happy Birthday candles

Happy Birthday candles

We’ve had a week of celebration in the studio starting with the birthday of the fabulous Henk, whose age we won’t disclose but let’s say he’s way older than McAteer Photo as we turn 17 this week!


The giddy teenager that we are decided to celebrate with some birthday haikus penned by the team, the tenuous link being that a haiku has 17 syllables – but you knew that already.


And just in case you thought we were getting boring in our old age, mucho cakeage and bubbles have also played a part in the celebrations.


It’s freaking Alan out that they do not rhyme so we’re off to pacify him with another doughnut but we present our efforts here nonetheless.

Birthday doughnuts | By McAteer Photo

Team birthday doughnuts


so it’s our birthday
a new year, more photo fun
quick, bring forth the cake


happy birthday Henk
it’s our birthday too this week
let’s kick up our heels

Birthday cake | By McAteer Photo

Birthday cake


birthday, the first day
seventeen years old today
open for business


our seventeenth year,
will hopefully be our best
let’s all enjoy it


we are seventeen
hip hooray McAteer Photo
we don’t feel so old

Izzy on our 17th birthday | by McAteer Photo

Izzy on our 17th birthday

Izzy hungry for birthday doughnuts | By McAteer photo

Izzy hungry for birthday doughnuts

Studio dog Izzy couldn’t quite get her head around the whole 5 / 7 / 5 syllable combo so she opted for a party hat and a lick of a jam doughnut to celebrate 🙂

McAteer team | By McAteer Photo

The McAteer team on Joyce's day off