Get your Christmas puddin’ on!


First off – we wholeheartedly apologise for mentioning ‘the C-word’ in September so let’s get it out there quickly…CHRISTMAS!!


But there is no getting away from it. Christmas is a stressful enough time as it is and leaving your campaign planning to the last minute is going to send your blood pressure up the chimney along with your letter to Father Christmas. 


You’ll have noticed that as soon as the leaves start turning, the shops begin displaying their festive stock. Although Christmas seems a long way off, at the time of publishing this blog, it’s actually only 92 days until we crack open the sherry, get tucked into the turkey and trimmings and fall asleep during the Christmas special on the telly.


But for lifestyle and product photographers, Christmas can start as early as spring and, in reality, most Christmas photography happens during the summer months. So, dressed in shorts and eating ice cream, it’s up to the loft we go to source baubles, garlands and fairy lights to dress a fireplace, decorate a tree and wrap presents to create some mid-year festive scenes. 


But don’t panic – there is still time to get your business Christmas-ready. Here are our top tips to help you get your head into the Christmas spirit and plan your professional Christmas photography or video.

Flemings Bakers, mince-meat tart | image by McAteer Photograph

Mincemeat tart

To begin, we recommend a full embrace of the season to come, so get the eggnog on, unleash your inner child and get creative in your thinking.


Consider how good Christmas photography will benefit your business: could it help you attract new clients; will it bring additional visitors to your social media site and drive traffic to your website; will it help you increase turnover; is it something you could re-use in the future?


Think about what is currently in your marketing kit and what you need for Christmas (apart from a well-earned rest): digital imagery to support social media presence from Oct-Jan; photographs of your seasonal products; an image to put on your company Christmas card; a video message to send to staff and customers; festive photos on your website?


Have fun deciding on a creative direction and getting your brief together: what messages do you want to tell your audience; do you need still or moving images for your digital channels, what iconography is going to fit with your product or service; what look do you want to achieve – is it all-out-trad Crimbo, cosy-hygge, homemade and artesanal, humorous …?


Fix your diary dates to launch your campaign or use your Christmas collateral: work out your marketing plan with calendar dates and add a timeline to your brief (we recommend commissioning photography a minimum of 6-8 weeks in advance of your launch).


Decide on the other stuff: what’s your budget; will you need models, location or props; which professionals will you need to help you deliver the brief – from your team, a freelance professional photographer, a visual merchandiser or stylist, a graphic designer or web developer?


Pick up the phone and have a good old moan to us: of course, we’d be delighted to help you shape your brief and create your digital images, but if you just need a shoulder to cry on about the fact that summer is over or would like an initial chat about where to start, McAteer Photo Christmas Support Service is here for you. We’ll get the eggnog on. 🎄

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