Fly on the wall

I think I’d be a terrible paparazzi photographer: I don’t like invading personal space and I don’t buy into celebrity.  I like observation – candid images that tell a story of a period in time, short or long, featuring regular people acting naturally.  Events and exhibitions are ideal occasions to observe and record interaction and the sharing of ideas.  Not always is the focus of the image the most interesting element.  Sometimes it’s what’s going on in the background that makes the image special, that gives the picture its movement.  Sometimes it’s the negative space that the viewer can rest their eyes on that enhances the composition.


These images are from a Glasgow School of Art, Institute of Design exhibition I photographed last week where everyone was perfectly at ease with themselves, their surroundings and the geezer with the Fuji XPro-2 which is my camera of choice for people-watching.



Photo: Institute of Design exhibition at Glasgow School of Art

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