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Virginia Court, Glasgow

Virginia Court, Glasgow

With society’s almost pathological desire to peer into the lives of others, we’ve seen an explosion of every-day-moments photography on the media we consume, and most especially on our social media feeds. Who doesn’t follow at least one Instagram-lifestyle account? Whether the general public or corporate brands started the trend is a topic for another conversation. Still, there is no doubt McAteer Photo is being commissioned to produce more and more lifestyle photography shoots that capture the ‘every day’ and ‘normal.’


Photographers are born observers: we love nothing more than watching the world go by, sheltered by the anonymity of the camera lens. I’m often asked to provide candid shots of city, town or work life for corporate clients to show their property, service or product in context. However, commissions for distinctive images that convey a mood or capture a moment are definitely on the increase, and, although these images may look unstaged, they are more-often-than-not carefully planned and directed to tell an original and natural story.


I enjoy both types of shoots – working solo, observing from a distance and predicting when a moment worth capturing will happen, and partnering with creatives, directors and stylists to illustrate their vision and achieve their story in an authentic scene.


We’ve updated our lifestyle gallery with images from recent shoots that show both approaches to original storytelling.