We create high-end architectural and commercial photography, and video. We manage all aspects from conception to production and offer a full range of support services. Many of our clients use a mix of these, returning to us time and again – which we believe is the best commendation we could ask for. Visit our image galleries to see examples of our photography and video work.

Outstanding commercial photography & video

Powerful images set the tone, tell a story, promote a message, and sell a product or service. Whether a one-time architectural photography instruction, a time-critical media shoot or a long-term commission, we bring our experience, creativity, flexibility, resourcefulness, and the best equipment to every project.


As well as architectural and interior photography and video, our range of commercial photography expertise extends to aerial & drone photography, portrait photography, lifestyle photography, location photography, and event photography. We work throughout Scotland and the UK, as well as internationally.

Architecture & interior photography

Architectural and interior design photography and video are a speciality of ours. Alan McAteer’s years of experience, passion as an architectural photographer, and enduring ability to capture the essence and personality of a building and its locale have resulted in an impressive archive of commercial and domestic imagery.


Complementing your commission with drone photography and video can add a further dimension to a great set of images.


McAteer Photo is commissioned by all involved in the built environment, from building & landscape architects, property developers & agents and building contractors to interior designers, specialist materials suppliers and town planners. We also work with architectural render artists, creating core images for 3D architectural simulations.

Film & video service

We produce fully edited videos for various purposes, including architectural videos selling a building, location or investment, mini films for a social media campaign, or even corporate promotional videos showcasing a company and its product or service.


We make contemporary, stylish edits incorporating motion graphics that align with your brand and royalty-free music as required. We work with you to establish how much support you require and manage the entire process when needed. We can provide location planning, script writing, and voice-overs for documentary videos.

Edinburgh Castle

Stock photography

If it’s stock images you are after, we have a lot (housed in our easily-accessible online archive). Our photographs and videos are regularly refreshed with new work, and are immediately available for licensing in various formats. We photograph and film extensively in Scotland’s major cities, and our individual building projects, cityscapes and lifestyle stock photography are always current and in demand with our design, construction and investment clientele.


If you are involved in an architectural project, contact us with your requirements and we will create a bespoke online collection for you to make a selection.

Content for digital media

Using social and digital media is all-important to brand engagement for businesses of all sizes. As well as images for your website and online blogs, content for LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest posts (to name but a few!) is now an essential element of a marketer’s toolkit.


We provide authentic, creative imagery in the form of photographs, film and reels to help increase your digital content, build your brand and communicate your message. Please find out more by giving us a call for a chat.

360 Architecture

Project management and core skills

Our clients value our quality imagery, years of commercial photography experience, excellent technical skills, never-ending enthusiasm and a fair smattering of creativity as well as our adaptability, resourcefulness and responsiveness. We build close relationships with our clients, working with them to plan their photography projects, shoot videos, and identify the images that work best for their individual marketing, promotion or information projects.


We can project manage your entire creative project, from conception to delivery. We source locations, models & props, negotiate clearances, and curate a creative team (or work with yours) to bring your vision to life. You can read more about our production management services in our blog.