Baxter at Radisson Red

A visit from Baxter

A visit from Baxter

No more pet kennel for studio dog, Izzy: she can come on holiday with us!  Holidaying with our Lakeland terrier can be difficult at times as so many hotels and Airbnbs are dog-free zones.


Luckily Baxter, the Boston terrier, has insisted on a pet policy to ensure that we can take our hairy baby to our client’s Radisson Red Hotel.  Red’s program even includes a bed, food, a water dish and alcohol-free dog beer.  Who’d have thought!

Baxter visiting a guest | by McAteer Photograph

Baxter visiting a guest

Of course, you can’t bring all of your 101 Dalmatians and you also have to make special arrangements with the hotel for your bigger four-legged friends, but isn’t it lovely to know that dogs are invited?


You might also meet Baxter in one of his routine visits around the hotel because he stays there himself.  Alan met him a few weeks ago during this photo shoot; and yes, he’s a wee gentleman – Baxter, not Alan!


Alan’s also now a regular at Radisson Red having photographed the interior, exterior, lifestyle and events for Radisson and other clients.  See more images of the hotel’s modern design and breathtaking views in The story behind here.

Baxter on a bed | by McAteer Photograph

Baxter on a bed

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