And now it’s 2023

Just like that, 2022 is over. ‘Thank goodness’, many would say, and we’re inclined to agree. Still, along with the post-pandemic hangover and the stresses and strains of moving premises, we had our share of personal and professional highlights.


Thank you to our clients, commissioners, staff and friends for their outstanding patronage and support last year. You’ll see from the review video that we photographed and videoed many architectural and built-environment projects, which we love to do. Event photography and video at spectacular cultural events and corporate conferences kept us entertained and informed, whilst our drone and helicopter aerial photography and video commissions offered some thrills and different perspectives. We created many great shots that we’ll try to add to our galleries over the coming weeks.


So, 2023, what do you have in store for us? January is already starting to offer some nice projects with architectural shoots, a company video and the planning and preparation of a multi-location lifestyle shoot that will take place in the spring. The shortest day has passed, so our night shoots are starting slightly later already. We’re looking forward to some gorgeous sunsets and winter sunshine that often pokes its head out during the season (hopefully, that’s not just wishful thinking).

We hope 2023 will be successful for you and bring some exciting shoots our way.


If you would like to chat over a commission – big or small, give us a ring or drop us an email. Our contact details are here.