McAteer Photo is a Glasgow, Scotland-based business established in 2002 by me – architectural photographer Alan McAteer. Lesley joined the following year to do the stuff that rattled my brain and helped establish my vision of a notable commercial and architectural photography company: creative, friendly, reliable service, fantastic images, and realistic cost. And so it remains.


Fast forward 20+ years, and we’re still at the core of a thriving commercial and architectural photography/video studio, loving what we do and planning exciting things for the future. Helping us do that is a range of talented people from post producers, photography assistants, stylists and production experts whose talent, knowledge, patience and humour we greatly appreciate and couldn’t do without.


Together, we’re fortunate to undertake a broad scope of commissions for a diverse client base across all sectors of the built environment, and all areas of business, industry, and education. Every day is different. We genuinely enjoy collaborating with all our clients, whether they are new to the world of commissioning or old hands like me. We are blessed to work with talented innovators, free thinkers and creative risk-takers whose vision we can interpret, capture and present in our unique way.


Please have a look at our photography services and image galleries. Everything is possible in the magical world of photography and video, so if you have a project you would like to chat about, no matter how small or big, drop us a line or call us to discuss it.

Alan McAteer: +44 7713 166398

Lesley McAteer: +44 7773 298094

Lesley McAteer (left) and Alan McAteer (right)