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Irvine Bay Regeneration Company is one of Scotland’s second generation urban regeneration companies. Its boundaries enclose an area of outstanding natural beauty spanning 14 miles of sandy coastline, the four seaside towns of Irvine, Stevenston, Saltcoats and Ardrossan and the abbey town of Kilwinning.  In 2012 Irvine was designated a Life Sciences Enterprise Area by the Scottish Government.

McAteer Photograph has worked with Irvine Bay since its inception in 2006.  As well as architectural photography of commercial developments and lifestyle photography, we content manage the images on their website, illustrate their online newsletters and provide image collections to their graphic designers for annual reports and other print.

In 2008, Irvine Bay asked us to consider image library options for their collection of photographs and CGIs that feature its regeneration projects, press calls, education programme, events, landscapes and lifestyle.  An online solution was appropriate for Irvine Bay’s workflow requirements in order for the marketing manager to be able to access and download the images remotely, for project managers and stakeholders to be able to access the images, search by keyword and download at a resolution appropriate to their needs and for their graphic designer to be able to create collections and access the images remotely.

We facilitated the creation of a bespoke browser-based secure online image library which houses their collection of over 10,000 images, working in conjunction with Sheffield-based CiT Digital.  We continue to manage the library for Irvine Bay: uploading images, adding metadata, tagging by keyword and creating lightbox specific collections for the client and their suppliers to access.

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