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What can I say about Charles Rennie Mackintosh? Calling him a legend is not a enough of an accolade. You can’t talk about Glasgow and its history without mentioning his contribution. He’s credited as being the father of the ‘Glasgow Style’, which was developed in the late 1800s and is evident everywhere today. He may not have received the credit he thought he deserved during his lifetime but thankfully he is now applauded the world over.

I’ve been lucky enough to photograph Mackintosh architecture, interiors, furniture and textiles throughout my career. I’ve worked with the Glasgow School of Art for years and not only photographed his most famous building more times than I can count but I have also been very privileged to have had access to their Mackintosh archives. I’ve also photographed many times for the CRM Society and illustrated Roger Billcliffe’s ‘Visiting Charles Rennie Mackintosh’ book which is a great guide to all of his architecture and interiors throughout the UK.

So, it was lovely to be invited by Glasgow City Marketing Bureau to look at Mackintosh from a different angle – through the eyes of a tourist with the Hunterian Art Gallery’s Mackintosh House as the subject. In addition to interior photography of the room sets, I focused on the exquisite detail of what is one of the most important collections of Mackintosh and his artist-wife, Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh.‌ Pictured are a few of the ‘snapshots’ which will be helping GCMB to promote the great man’s legacy.

Some useful links: GCMB – People Make GlasgowThe HunterianCRM Society,  Roger Billcliffe publications


Details of Charles Rennie Mackintosh by McAteer Photograph for GCMB

Details of Charles Rennie Mackintosh by McAteer Photograph for GCMB