de vere christmas campaign

  • de vere christmas campaign
  • de vere christmas campaign

The De Vere Group invited McAteer Photograph to get involved with their Christmas campaign ‘It’s that De Vere time of year’. Our brief was to create Christmas in the Cameron House library with all the trimmings.  Sourcing a 12ft Christmas tree in September is no mean feat but you’ll see from the images we did it.

We worked with their design and ad agency on the storyboard which featured bespoke bunting which our ‘expert prop department’ made along with parcel tags and Christmas cards to reflect the De Vere campaign branding.  As well as the Christmas tree, we sourced all props and styled the room, working with the Cameron House florist to decorate the tree.  The deadline was incredibly short and the shoot only able to take one day as the hotel needed the library back for the following morning.

A few extra sparkles were added post production and result is a magical, warm and cosy Christmas scene.

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